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In this alluring garden of humankind, we behold a lot of different plants and saplings in every aspect and every turn. Our heart certainly agrees to the fact that every plant, every tree and every flower in our vicinity is not identical and same is true for its circumstances.
Not everyone is opulent enough to celebrate birthdays nor everyone has the privilege to throw food so easily. Some plants are always there who dream of having a satisfying meal, one who covets to put a counter of days for their birthday and one who regret having a blemish roof. Up above all these concerns, is the distress of not having proper education for saplings who would love to procure the best out of it.
We often regard children as the building blocks of tomorrow. Centuries have witnessed the changes brought by education in a society is unfathomable when compared to war, trade, invasions etc. But sadly, the most indigent are the most dejected. We often compare the material advancements of our country with other countries, but we forget that the huge part of our human resource is left untouched. The underprivileged children of our society is contrary to all the advancement that we have made after 75 years of independence. The innocent faces of these children are so soft that they are unaware of their gloomy future.
To change this tyrant situation for these kids AAROHA as a united team stood against all hurdles and challenges to help these beautiful buds and shower its selfless service unto them. It came into existence way back before it officially appeared before the society. A small group of students who felt deeply about the prevailing circumstances had sowed the splendid seeds of Aaroha in their hearts. Our crucial task is to provide necessary education, nutritious food and help develop every instinct in poor children so that they become well enough to handle the situations around them or create enlightenment in life of others. Simply if we talk about us in a single sentence we would say
"Journey of darkness and ignorance towards happiness, light and knowledge through stairs of care, emotions and guidance".
As students our heart beats for only one accomplishment. We want to embellish the lives of every single child who is deprived of its basic needs i.e., right to education and nutritious food. Overall development of the poor children is what makes this organisation stand with strength.
The motive of this organization is to provide the best environment for the welfare of underprivileged children. Providing them good education and helping them in their overall growth and development is our concern. We dream of the day when this world







Our Chapter Heads

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Ananyan Sampath

AIIMS Chapter Head

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Chetan Soni

MANIT Chapter Head

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Nakshatra Sharma

IHM Chapter Head